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We help international students

Scutoo team specialized in international student recruitment and works with many Canadian Institutions through third party recruitment companies. We provide consultation and guidance on their school and program selection, visa process, and settling in Canada with accommodation, insurance and more. 

What we do

Consulting Services

School and Program Selection

By collecting your background information, we assess and look for the suitable options in Canada for you to start your education.

Applying for Programs and Getting Acceptance (LOA)

After your school and program is decided with us, we help you submit your application for the school and process your application for you to get approval. Then we continue with the next steps, and be there with you until you successfully start studying in your program.


Our official RCIC partners will help you prepare your documents, and will guide you through while lodging your visa application.

Accommodation and Insurance

Before or after you land in Canada, we help you to find a temporary or permanent accommodation and guide you with the insurance which you will need while studying.

Post-landing Consultation

After you land in Canada, Scutoo team is always there to help you if you need consultation on any matter. We always help you as much as we can.

Career Pathways

While you continuing with your education in Canada, before you graduate from your program, you can get consultation from Scutoo team to understand better about the Canadian job market, and be prepared.

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How can we help you?

Regardless your situation in your own country or in Canada, give us a call. Let our team help you with the next step.
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