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Visa Process

Applying for a student visa might be hard for an individual. But, with a support of an experienced team, this will not be an issue for you.

How we can help

We ensure that your visa application will be submitted in the best way possible

How it works?

After the approval process with the school, all the necessary information and documents will be completed. Once everything is ready, we will help you lodge your visa application in your country with the help of a regulated professional.

Financial Documents

Canadian government requires some financials to be displayed on your visa file to make sure you have enough financials to support yourself and your education during your studies. We will guide you with the numbers and collecting your documents.

Other Documents

In addition to financial documents, you will be required to provide some supporting documents or letters to improve the chance of your application to be accepted. For these documents, our team will also help you to prepare them.

Filing & Submission

At the end, you will need to structure your file and without including unnecessary or faulty information, you will submit your visa application in your own country (unless you're not abroad at that moment). Then all you need to do is waiting for your result to be received by mail.


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Frequently Asked Questions

For a student visa in Canada, there is no 100% guarantee that you will receive your approval. However, our team will make sure you have the best possible file in your hand which is specialized according to your background, program and your goals during and after studying in Canada. This way, we will increase your chances of getting approved. 

There is always a chance that your visa application will be refused. That can happen due to many reasons and the decision making criteria of the visa officer. However, it’s not the end of the story. Our team will assess your file and will decide on the points that needs to be improved. Then your visa application will be renewed for a second chance.  

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