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We know that you’re here to restructure your career. On the way, you can get the benefit of our career building and structuring support.

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We ensure that you will always be ready for the next step!

How it works?

By being part of the Scutoo community, you will be benefiting from the webinars, on-site and digital career events with the many workshops and trainings while you’re trying to build your career in Canada.

Scutoo Webinars

You will be invited to webinars which will be organized to bring students, career holders and business owners in Canada. With these webinars, you will be able to know about the stories of other people who were in your place once.

Career Building Trainings

We know building a career requires different things than your own country. Other than the support you can get from your school, in Scutoo International, we will be having trainings to prepare you for the Canadian Job Market.

Digital / On-site Events

You will be notified about the on-site and digital events happening in Canada by Scutoo International and other organizations. This way, you can have the chance to experience the business environment and build your network in Canada.


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Frequently Asked Questions

International students can start their career in Canada by gaining relevant work experience through internships or co-op programs, networking with professionals in their field, and applying for jobs through online job boards and company websites. It’s also important to obtain a work permit after graduation and to continue building skills and experience in their chosen field.

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For all of your questions regarding career pathways in Canada, you can contact our team from

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